Landscape Management Services

At Valley Landscape, we know that the appearance and safety of your landscape can have a direct effect on your bottom line. That is why our team is trained to offer improvements through our array of residential and commercial landscape management services. Whether it is proactive year-round management and maintenance services or a customized landscape refurbishment plan—our comprehensive programs are designed to enhance your property value, project a visitor-friendly positive first impression, and create a visual design that offers beauty to you and your visitors all year long. We partner closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and requirements, ensuring complete satisfaction. With Valley Landscape Management, you can count on:

  • Personalized Attention, Detail & Focus
  • Professionally-Trained & Uniformed Crew
  • Proactive Site Inspection & Maintenance
  • Superior Customer Service & Quality Guarantee


Water Management & Irrigation Systems

SprinklersValley Landscape offers complete water, irrigation, and drainage services, including valuation, analysis, design, installation, automation, and management. Technology innovations are spawning new water conservation products, making irrigation analysis one of the most technically sophisticated areas of landscape management. Innovative, smart controllers and on-site weather stations adjust watering schedules every 24 hours to replenish the moisture deficit lost through Evaporational Transporation (ET) .

Whether installing a new irrigation/sprinkler system using smart controllers and water conservation nozzles, or modifying an existing system, Valley Landscape uses the latest in technology to guarantee the most value for your investment—reducing water consumption by an average of 30 percent. We put the performance in the ground and savings in your pocket, delivering the most cost-effective solutions for your water, budget, and irrigation needs.

  • Irrigation Analysis, Design & Installation
  • Water Audits & Water Usage Measurements
  • Water Efficiency / Water Conservation

Tree, Plant & Turf Care

At Valley Landscape, we are licensed specialists in safe pest control. Valley Landscape practices integrated pest management techniques to target, suppress, and control insects, weeds, and disease with as little to no toxicity or disturbance to the environment. One of the ways we accomplish this is through biological pest control By combining and coordinating all of the biological elements of a landscape and microbial components to manage tree and plant healthcare, we deliver a systemic harmony to your landscape and the environment.

We offer complete ornamental and turf management with regularly scheduled feeding, weed control, and fertilization programs to protect your investment and achieve healthy, strong growth all year long—without the use of excess water. We also maintain the attractiveness of ground cover, shrubs and trees. Trees are pruned so as to select and develop permanent scaffold branches to maintain a natural appearance and reduce toppling and wind damage. Shrubs are pruned and/or hedged to maintain uniform, compact symmetrical shapes as required by the existing design of the landscape, or as desired by the owner.

Each landscape requires individual care and treatment each season of the year. We take into consideration the necessary and proper nutrition for plants, flowers, trees, shrubs and lawns, while managing the emergence of weeds and pests. Whatever your landscape needs—drought resistant, shade tolerant, deer resistant, erosion control, or native— our trained professionals work with you to develop a regular fertilization program to ensure the proper nutrition plan that will bring longevity and enhance the beauty of your landscape throughout the year.

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
  • Licensed safe pest, disease, & weed control
  • Scheduled fertilization programs
  • Pre- and Post-emergent herbicides
  • Turf Renovation & Management
  • Ornamental Management

Annual Color, Seasonal Flower Bed Design & Planting

At Valley Landscape, we offer year-round flower/ color design and planting services, customized for the season, climate, and your landscape. With 30 years of experience and strong partnerships with local growers, we offer exclusively-prepared (pre-grown) plant and flower materials that minimize unnecessary maintenance, stretch installation and maintenance budgets, and enhance the beauty and growth of your landscape all year long.

  • Winterizing—a technique to strengthen plants to be planted outdoors by growing them outdoors before selling them. (transitioning from the greenhouse to the landscape
  • Selecting proper plants and choosing plants with staying power.
  • Annuals combined with Perennials

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

More than just “mowing and blowing” Valley Landscape offers a comprehensive landscape management program customized for your landscape, the season, and the environment. Our team is experienced in finding innovative ways to prolong the life of your landscape, while stimulating new growth and keeping old debris and growth clear and clean. Valley Landscape can help you stretch your installation and maintenance budgets by choosing the right selection of plant materials for your location and landscape.

Our turf, shrub and tree management services, combined with seasonal flower planting programs, create color, interest, and beauty in your landscape all year long. We offer a variety of management and maintenance services including:

  • Site Analysis & Consultation
  • Water Management
  • Controller Evaluation & Programming – Sprinkler Management
  • Complete Tree, Shrub, and Plant Management & Healthcare Services
  • Complete Turf Management Services
  • Scheduled Fertilization & Feeding Programs
  • Pre- and Post-Emergent Weed Control
  • Integrated Pest Management for Insects and Disease
  • Seasonal Flower (Color) Bed Design and Installation
  • Complete Landscape Refurbishment Plans
  • Turf Renovation
  • 24×7 Emergency Services
  • Quality Guarantee and Project Warranty for One Full Year